Pros of fitted bedroom furniture

To begin with it is well recognized that fitted bedroom furniture is great for those rooms that have an awkward shape.

A talented designer will come up with a plan that makes the best use of all of the available space nooks and crannies should not pose a problem.

Fitted bedroom work particularly well in rooms with sloping roves or alcoves.

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Built-In Cupboards – Advantages

Maximises your Space

If you have some weird angles in your bedroom (such as sloping ceilings or uneven walls).

These wardrobes can actually hide them.

This is because they are designed to fit a specific area, which also allows you to make full use of the available space.

The cupboards can also be designed to run from floor to ceiling for maximum storage space.

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Braai & Bar Cupboards:

Braai & Bar Cupboards – There is no quick fix to decide on the perfect indoor braai.

However, once determining whether there is space for this additional luxury.

It is also best to determine what type of braai will best suit the home.

This healthy and functional form of cooking is not only a means to eat.

But will also be an entertainment centre of the home.

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Custom Stair Units

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one.

We offer to build stair cupboards based upon your needs.

Our stairs Cupboards are practical yet sophisticated to bring appeal to your home.

We make all of our own components to control quality and insure proper fit.

Your stair cupboars will be installed by our employees, not some subcontractor.

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Exclusive Round Cupboards:

Kitchen curves create a softer warmer feel to a kitchen

Kitchen curves promote flow

When a kitchen joins on to a dining/living area, the absence of corners helps blur the distinction between the areas and promotes flow.

Curves are more child friendly than sharp 90 degree corners.

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Free Standing Cupboards 

 Advantages of Built-In Furniture

Built to Last – More often than not, built-in furniture are extra durable and should withstand the test of time.  Since these don’t get moved around a lot, it suffers little damage because of mishandling.  Furthermore, you can choose to work with a reliable contractor who can let you choose the type of materials.

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Gloss & Texture Combination:

Gloss & Texture Combination – Glossy Cabinets  It’s Not Just About Looks

When choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you already know you’ll need to consider material, cabinet sizes, paint or stain colors and style.

But what about the cabinet sheen or finish? Have you thought about whether you’ll choose flat, matte cabinets or shiny, high gloss cabinets?


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Gloss Wrap

High gloss cabinets are more suited for contemporary or transitional kitchens and bathrooms, especially if they have flat cabinet fronts.

High-gloss finishes reflect light and are great for bringing light into a smaller space, making the space feel bigger.

This is especially true of white glossy cabinets.

Light also reflects off of dark glossy cabinets too.


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Melamine & Duco Combination

Melamine & Duco Combination, they make melamine boards of a special craft paper.

Which does not get soggy / tear, then it is soaked in a resin called phenol?

Therefore, these sheets are put on the wood.

As soon as these products are ready, it sends them to a press.

As it lays the laminate sections in the press. 


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Melamine Impact

Why choose Melamine?

Melamine is an ideal choice for kitchen, built-in-cupboards, vanities and much more.  Melamine is available in different surface finishes, smooth – Mat finish and Wood grain finish.

The board still needs to be edged, and we edge the carcass with 0.4mm edging and the doors / drawer fronts with 2mm pvc edging.


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Nook Sets:

Nook Sets – Breakfast Nooks

Make the most of your space with our Solid Wood Corner Breakfast Nooks.

Enjoy your morning coffee or family game nights in comfort with these dinette sets.

Save space with the storage benches and add cushions for extra comfort.

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Office & Boardroom Cupboards

Office & Boardroom Cupboards – Whether you are purchasing new office furniture to replace old furniture.

Or you are expanding and need to accommodate new employees,

The type of furniture you choose will have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

It has been proven that employees that have access to furniture that is ergonomically correct.

And visually appealing can actually increase their productivity.


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Paint Techniques Cupboards


Some painting methods require stripping the cabinets down to bare wood.

While others need only a light surface preparation.

If you are simply applying a paint to the existing finish, you may only have to sand the existing paint or use a deglosser to encourage paint adhesion.

No matter what painting technique you use, the cabinets will need thorough cleaning first.

Use a household cleaner or degreaser to clean the cabinet surfaces before beginning work.


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Solid Wood Cupboards 

Solid wood is lumber that has been milled directly from trees.

Other types of wood, such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard or veneers, are manufactured from wood composites.

Solid wood is wood that has been cut from a tree.

Therefore unlike engineered wood, which is composed of wood fibers that are held together with adhesives.

Solid wood contains wood fibers throughout the piece of lumber.


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Semi-Solid Wood Cupboards


For those of you unfamiliar with the construction of such items, a solid core door is made from dense timber and a hollow core one is made from timber faces and edges

(it might be filled with air or cardboard, which helps it to hold its shape).

A semi solid door, on the other hand, is a combination of the two.

It features a timber or composite core that has been wrapped with sheets of real timber veneer.


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Study Cupboards

Your Study

Pros: Controllable environment

Since it’s your space, you can control things like sound, lighting, and temperature.

(for the most part, anyway, it might be a bit trickier in the dorms).

This customization is lacking in other spaces–tinker away until you find the configuration right for you.

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TV Cupboards

Find a TV Unit that Works for You

Before we get into the discussion about which TV unit design is better.

Let’s understand the importance of one.

An entertainment unit is a focal point in a room towards which all your living room furniture is pointed (Unless you don’t have a television, of course).

But although most televisions are wall-mounted currently, a storage unit hides away all the clutter — wires, setup boxes and other accessories.


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Vanities / Bathroom Cupboards:

Bathroom remodels are big these days.

But if you’re planning on doing any work on your bathroom, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Bathroom vanity combos – vanities that come with a matching counter and sometimes sink and faucet – are a great way to take some of the stress out of the decision.


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Veneer Cupboards:

Can you refinish veneer cabinets?

Before you can refinish veneer cabinets, you must strip off the old finish.

Veneers are generally very thin, so sanding off the old finish can damage them beyond repair.

A very light sanding with 120-grit to 180-grit sandpaper will open the grain on the veneer.

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Wood & Steel Combination

The beauty of wood is exemplified.

Therefore, when combined with steel to design kitchens that are:

Captivating, Elegant as well as Modern.

Wherefore customer is offered an interesting range of different wood finishes.

Also the best solid woods in the market.

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Wrap Cupboards

These doors are made by coating the substrate with high performance adhesive, applying the vinyl and then applying vacuum pressure to the door.

After this process the vinyl is drawn to the shape of the substrate by suction to simulate solid wood, or any other solid color finish.

Vinyl’s are available in a great range of colors and finishes, and are fairly robust. Hang your doors the day you get them. No finishing is required.

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